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22 December 2006 @ 10:30 pm



+ Brushes: Brush Fantastic and scarlett_h , (tiny text) colorfilter , (tiny text with flourishes et al) amethystia , LOTUS GRAPHICS , _hakanaidreams , (lines, stripes, and effects) inxsomniax
+ Additional Floral Brushes: ewanism
+ Art Deco Brushes: seleneheart
+ Mask Brushes: iiokua, 77words
+ Textures & Color Filters: colorfilter, curlwurl, (circle lights) silverqe, (outerspace&others) joyfulsong, dearest, wonderland__, (lights) ownthesunshine, 77words , im_glas , eggdrpsoup
+ Gradients: amethystia // amethystia100, 77words

Helpful Links

+ Brushes: 100x100_brushes , brushaddicts , dafont [dot] com

+ Tutorials & Basic Info: icon_tutorial , How to create, save, and share brushes in Photoshop 7, and/or if you are using Photoshop or PE, you can load textures from image packs by doing the following: (1) Go to the Preset Manager and select Patterns on the drop down menu, (2) choose Default or any presaved pattern set, choose Select>Select All up top, (3) click Delete in window (this will not erase the pattern since it is already saved under Applications/Adobe PS/Presets/Patterns so fear not! (4) Exit the Preset Manager and Open an image that you wish to save as a Pattern, (5) Click Edit>Define Pattern... and give it any name and hit Done. Sadly you must do this with each one by one. Once you've finished, return to the Preset Manager, Select All again and then choose Save Set and name your pattern group. Be sure to save it in the proper place; it should go there automatically. If I figure a way to more easily and quickly save patterns as a set, I'll stick something here. ^^;;

+ Icon Tables: You can generate one with specifications for numbers of cells et cetera by visiting this site; created by eveningsky. Or see this FAQ on how to build one! I use the former because it's scripted and who wants to cut and paste cell info over and over and over....Thank you, Yuumei, for the first link! ;)


Updated December 22, 2006