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02 January 2007 @ 09:32 pm
005: Ravenclaw themed odd icons  
Holy heck, a post! ...but only a wee one.
I became a temporary slave to Photoshop and decided to make some unusual Ravenclaw icons. Cut and paste and 'saturation' are my special friends. I wanted to do something different. That and this match between Aston Villa and Chelsea is pathetic.

[5] Ravenclaw



+cross-posted to my other new comm ravenclawtower, a place where I dump crack theories, piccies, links and stuff related to Ravenclaw behind a cut where noone else as yet can see it because it is currently a community of one. XD

I should do some English Football icons, oh yeah, and some OotP icons...just like everyone else has!

Oh and featherheadfop , join this icon comm or else! Awww, are you too busy ? ;P;;
I suppose I should pimp it.
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